Top 6 Airports near Sanibel Island FL

If you are planning a flight and need to know airports near Sanibel Island, Fl, we have gathered a list of the best airports! Book your flight today!

Did you know that 49% of Florida visitors arrive by air?

Chances are if you live on the other side of the United States or in another country, you will fly in your next vacation to Florida.

Most people know where to fly if they plan to visit Miami or Orlando. However, if you plan on visiting Sanibel Island, you might not be as familiar with the nearby airports.

Read on to learn about the top airports near Sanibel Island, Fl.

1. Southwest Florida International Airport

The Southwest Florida International Airport located in Fort Myers is the closest one to Sanibel Island in the region. Aside from being located 28 miles from Sanibel, it’s also the cheapest one in the region.

Because it’s an international airport, many foreign travelers find it easier to get to Sanibel via Fort Myers.

If you want to fly into Fort Myers to get to Sanibel, some of the airlines that fly there include United, JetBlue, Southwest, Delta, American, and many others.

Once you arrive, there are a few options to get to Sanibel. Because Sanibel Island is approximately 40 minutes from the Fort Myers airport, the easiest way to get there is by renting a car.

If you don’t want to drive during your vacation, you can always hire a car service to get you to your hotel. Depending on the hotel where you’re staying they might offer a shuttle service.

Sanibel Limo is also available for hire with rates around $55 to $65 each way.

2. Naples Municipal Airport

Not many know about Naples municipal airport since it’s a small regional airport located about 47 miles from Sanibel Island. Some of the small airlines that fly to this airport include Gulf Coast Airways and FlexJet.

Most people that fly into Naples often make a connection at a larger airport.

Because Naples Municipal Airport is about an hour from Sanibel, renting a car is also the best option. However, you can also look into ride-share services.

3. Punta Gorda Airport

If you want a more budget-friendly airport to fly into Sanibel Island, budget airline Allegiant Air operates out of the Punta Gorda Airport. Located 50 miles north of Sanibel, this airport offers flights from various destinations such as Ashville, Fort Wayne, Kansas City, Flint, Springfield, Peoria, and many more.

The best way to get to Sanibel from Punta Gorda is by renting a car. There are many car rental companies that operate out of the Punta Gorda Airport.

You also have the option of taking a taxi to Sanibel.

4. Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport

The Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport is another airport that operates in the area. Because this is an international airport, you can expect to see more airline variety.

Six major airlines fly out of Sarasota including United, Delta, Air Canada, American, WestJet, and JetBlue.

Since this airport is 109 miles from Sanibel, renting a car will be the most economical way.

5. Palm Beach International Airport

Although West Palm Beach is on the other coast of Florida, it’s still only 149 miles from Sanibel Island. Since this is an international airport, you might also find more reasonably priced flights.

Some of the airlines that fly out of this airport include American, United, Delta, Southwest, Frontier, JetBlue, and more. Flying into this airport to get to Sanibel is a great option if you’re looking for a bi-coastal experience.

6. Additional Airports

Since the State of Florida is quite large, there are more airport options. However, these options might have you spend a lot more time on the road.

Flying in an out of an airport at a major city oftentimes is the most economical way to travel, especially if you’re traveling from far away.

The Miami International Airport is a great place for connecting flights coming from the Caribbean and South America. Although it is 150 miles from Sanibel Island, you can do some alligator sightings as you drive through the Everglades.

Tampa is 158 miles or 2.5 hours from Sanibel, which might be convenient if you want to spend a night exploring the Tampa area.

The Orlando International Airport is 185 miles from Sanibel, which is one of the farthest from the list. Many people consider flying into Orlando since it has more flight and airline options, especially flying internationally.

Although it’s 3.5 hours away, this distance is doable if you squeeze a day of theme parks in between.

How to Find the Best Deals on Flights

There are many tips and tricks you can try if you want to get the lowest flight fare to Sanibel. If you’re diligent about using some of the tricks you learn, you can fly into the airport of your choice.

Price Alerts are Your Friends

There are many websites such as Airfare Watchdog and Google Flights that allow you to set alerts on specific flights. If there’s a change in price, they will notify you.

Start by selecting the dates you want and setting up separate alerts for the airports of your choice. Once the price drops, you can buy the ticket.

Arrive and Leave from a Different Airport

You are not required to fly in and out of the same airport when you book a flight. In fact, flying into one airport and flying out of another can make a big difference in price.

For example, you can fly into Fort Myers and rent a car at the airport. Since most car rental places allow you to return at any of their locations, you can drop it off at a different airport.

You could always fly into Ft. Myers and fly out of Punta Gorda on your way home.

Fly During the Week

It’s no secret that airlines like to increase the prices for those who fly on the weekends. If you want to get the best deals, try to fly in and out during the weekdays.

Top Airports Near Sanibel Island, FL

Now that you know which are the airports near Sanibel Island, Fl, it’s time you start planning your vacation.

Although the closest airport is in Fort Myers, if you’re willing to drive a few more miles there are plenty of airports around.

Once you figure out how to get to Sanibel, it’s time you start planning the fun part. Check out where to play.