Weather Channel Facebook friends voted Sanibel Island as their best shelling beach.

What better place to search for shells than an island actually made of shells.  That’s exactly what Sanibel Island, Florida is.

Located less than an hour from Fort Myers, Sanibel and its neighbor Captiva Island, consistently rank among the best in the world for shelling. Sanibel’s unique geography which twists out into the sea then curves back towards Florida’s coast, acts as a shovel. It scoops all the seashells that the Gulf brings in from the Caribbean.

At some times of the year, shellers will crowd the beaches during low tide hunched over and staring at the sand in what’s been dubbed the ‘Sanibel Stoop.’   You’ll find conch, junonia, lightning whelk, and cockle shells including over 60 varieties of shells.

Sanibel Island Seashells