Bike Rentals Sanibel Island

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Where Can We Bike Ride on Sanibel Island?

bike rentals Sanibel Island

For one of the best island tours, hop on a bicycle. Our well-maintained ‘Shared Use Paths’ commonly known as ‘bike paths’ cover 25 miles of shopping districts and back roads, and they meander through friendly neighborhoods, beneath shady tree canopies, across wooden bridges and along quiet waterways. Biking on Sanibel is fun for the entire family.

Paradise Pathways on Sanibel Island
By bike is the most intimate way to get to know Sanibel Island. (Captiva’s narrow, twisty roads make biking risky.) 22 miles of paved bike paths take you almost anywhere you want to go. They lead to shops, restaurants, points of interest, wildlife centers and beaches.

Many island resorts, hotels and motels have bicycles for guest use, plus there are public bike rentals facilities on both islands. (In addition to solo bikes, they rent helmets and kiddy trailers.)