What is Preserving Paradise?

Preserving Paradise: Empowering Leaders for Economic and Ecological Success

The Preserving Paradise Program is a unique initiative that brings together a select group of 20 business leaders who share a common goal – restoring and protecting water quality to safeguard Southwest Florida’s economic and ecological future.

This program aims to equip business leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to advocate for Everglades restoration, emphasizing the economic benefits and the role businesses can play in ensuring clean water for the overall economic health of the region. It is more than just a leadership development opportunity; it is a chance for you to become a catalyst for positive change in our community and beyond.

Participants will engage in group discussions, field excursions, and classroom sessions to provide a comprehensive understanding of the ecological and political challenges facing SWFL and will be empowered to become a driving force for positive change.

Seize this opportunity to make a meaningful impact—join us in the pursuit of preserving paradise.